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Given their traumatic beginnings, Goodman JFS is committed to enabling our region’s frail Holocaust survivors to live out their lives safely in their own homes rather than an institution. It’s is imperative that provide them with home care to assist with necessary medical needs, chores and companionship. You can purchase five hours of home care that shows a Holocaust survivor how much you care.
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Imagine you are in your late 70s and already having to look into a assisted living facility. That was the case for Mr. Levin who began to develop dementia and was becoming a danger to himself. His judgment became impaired and he could no longer drive or live on his own. While researching different assisted living facilities in the area, Mr. Levin's son contacted a home care agency.

The beauty of hiring a home care agency is because they give their client independence and dignity. After the first four weeks of home care was completed, Mr. Levin's quality of life was improved. Caregivers complete a multitude of tasks which include meal preparations, laundry, medicine reminders, and companionship.