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Goodman JFS works to help cover mortgage payments until those in need get back on their feet. Having a roof over your head is a necessity and this generous donation will bring hope, dignity and joy to a someone in need.
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Homelessness to Happiness

Jackie is a single mother of two young sons, ages 6 and 12.  The family lost their apartment after the building’s owner sold the property without notifying them. Given only 48 hours to vacate the premises, the only place they had to live was the family car. Despite living this way for several months, Jackie continued to work, and the boys went to school every day. The family was approved for Section 8 Housing, but Jackie could not afford the large sum of money required for the deposit.

While at a local community center, Jackie saw a brochure from Goodman Jewish Family Services.  With no place to go, and no one to turn to, Jackie called JFS for help.  Goodman JFS stepped in and assisted Jackie with the deposit and moving costs. As the family got back on their feet, JFS provided them with Publix food gift cards and special holiday gift cards so Jackie could purchase gifts for her boys and bring them joy during the holiday season.

Shortly after the holidays, a private donor contacted JFS with an offer to pay one year’s rent, with the hope that Jackie and her family will never again face the threat of becoming homeless.  A local judge heard how Goodman JFS assisted Jackie and her children, and he waived her suspended license fine of more than $1,000.  With her driver’s license reinstated, her children in a safe place, and her rent paid in full for a year, Jackie is now able to increase her hours at work and provide for her family.

Today, Jackie and her family are doing well.  The boys still attend their A-rated schools and are excelling in all of their classes. With Jackie working more hours, her sons attend the Boys Club after school.  Thanks to Goodman JFS and the generosity of our donors, this family of three now has a place to call home.